Decommissioning Exchange 2003 – The final call Part 1

Issue 1 – You are ready to de-install Exchange 2003

You may receive the error-message: “Setup encountered an error while checking prerequisites for the component “Microsoft Exchange”:  80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server.”


Solution: Take your ADSI-Edit

and check in your AD Configuration Container: Services -> Microsoft Exchange -> Your Exchange Org -> Global Settings -> Message Delivery. Right mouse -> properties -> msExchAdminMailbox

If there is any orphant object like this:


just clear it an provide any (your choice) existing User-DN (Distinguished Name). Voila, you are ready for the last last call –> de-installation – bye bye Exchange 2003 :-)

Note: This was a mandatory Postmaster-Account in the past

cheers, Alex























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