Get-CalendarProcessing results in error: AccountDisabledException

This is a result because Exchange did not recognized that a disconnected mailbox already has been reconnected to a AD User. This seems to beĀ  a bug in Exchange 2010 SP2 RU1 and should be fixed in RU3 .

As Workaround for immediate success run:

Clean-Mailboxdatabase DBNAMExxx


One thought on “Get-CalendarProcessing results in error: AccountDisabledException

  1. We had an environment with 2 exchange servers and 3 AD servers have a desync due to improper demotion, and had this on ~ 50-60 accounts afterwards. Showed up from AD listing, but going to calendar tab elicited this error. Emails in would bounce with disabled account.


    Command above worked flawlessly to repair the issue.

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