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Hybrid Configuration Wizard fails with “Unable to connect to the remote server”

Issue – Running Exchange 2013 Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) fails at the very beginning with following error:

Unable to access the Federation Metadata document from the federation partner. Detailed information: “Unable to connect to the remote server”


Solution – This is mostly related to a missing Proxy-Server configuration which is in between your Exchange on premises server and Exchange Online.

Firstly, you should check that the Internet Explorer has the right entries:2015-01-18 15_44_08-254 448 608 - TeamViewer

Secondly, check your winhttp settings with:

If there a “Direct” connection is configured you should import your IE settings with:

2015-01-18 15_44_46-254 448 608 - TeamViewer

Thirdly, also check your Exchange 2013 Server for a correct setting:

If that is empty, set the correct values:

Note: If your company security division forces a Proxy Authentication for that, this stuff is broken for ever ;-) – So get rid of that proxy authentication, at least for that piece of Exchange Server. There are ways to handle proxy auth but to be honest –> KIS – Keep it simple!

Finally, your HCW should allow to get finished now :-)

cheers, Alex