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Onboarding to Exchange Online / Hybrid Migration to Office 365

Step 1 – Create User Mailboxes on premises

and migrate from YOUR source into the Mailbox onPrem. If you are coming from Lotus Notes, I would suggest tools from Binary Tree or Quest

Step 2 – Set forwarding SMTP Address to Source Email System

thats for the Delta-Migration time, days or weeks before your Outlook-Rollout. With this you can ensure that already migrated Exchange Online Users can send email to your legacy users

Example for this “MigUserGeneral.csv”

 Step 3 – Migrate your mailbox content to Office 365

Connect your Powershell to Exchange Online

(Note: If you don’t have already a MigrationEndpoint you have to create one. After this you can re-use this endpoint for each batch over and over. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj218611%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx)

(Note: This CmdLet is without the paramenter -AutoComplete which means that the move will suspend at 95%. Further the flip of the Cloud MailUser to the UserMailbox will not occure. The benefit is, that you can move the big data weeks before and cool down :-) Remember: In this state = AutoSuspend the Migration-Service will contact your MRS-Proxy (Mailbox Replication Service) each 24h and will check for new content, and in the case of new content, move the stuff to the cloud. Here you will find information about the user.csv http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn170437%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx

Step 4a – Delete the forwarding SMTP Address to your legacy system on your on premises Exchange Server

Step 4b – Set forwarding SMTP Address on your legacy source to Office 365.

Remember that Microsoft has already done everything your you. MX Records for @yourtenant.mail.onmicrosoft.com is already in place i.e sleekexchange.mail.onmicrosoft.com

Step 4c – Migrate the rest from your source to all Exchange on premises mailboxes

Step 5 – Now your data is completely migrated to your on premises environment and you can move the last delta from 95% to 100%

(Note: the status AutoSuspend will switch to InProgress and finalize with Completed)

Step 6 – Post doings which some customers prefer

Connect your Powershell to Exchange Online & Office 365

Following Cmdlet will perform:

  1. Set all user calendar to LimitedDetails
  2. Set UsageLocation
  3. Set Office 365 License
  4. Set Mailbox Regional Settings

(Note: Use same .csv from Step 2)

have fun, Alex