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Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content) & Host Europe

While updating Plugins or WordPress itself you get above error, or in German language “Das Verzeichnis “wp-content” konnte nicht gefunden werden”. As a side-effect, content-upload like picture uploads etc. will work after this instructions very smooth!

Don’t play around with 777 Permissions (like other blogs are doing…) on your folders. Host Europe has an own Security-Modell which make the stuff around more secure on the one hand but make WordPress work more difficult on the other one.

 Step 1

Add two directories to your WordPress Root-Directory with your favorite FTP Programm:your-Root-of-WP/tmp & your-Root-of-WP/wpcontent/upgrade

 1 2
 Step 2

Add this to the end of your wp-config.php (in the root of your WordPress)

 Step 3

Login to https://kis.hosteurope.de and change 2 settings:

1. In “Dateiverwaltung” change the user (Benutzer) from “ftpxxxx” to “wpxxxxx”, check “recursive”
2. In “FTP-Zugänge” also change from “ftpxxxx” to “wpxxxx”

Finally: HERE WE GO :-) Have fun with this lifetime safer.

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